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When I started this blog I did not know what sort of author I was, but in the three months since starting it, I have evolved in what I consider to be a multi-genre author who writes stories which deal in a way with the issues we deal with every day in our lives – that would be warfare, poverty, oppression, corruption, social issues that affect people’s lives.


On the pages you’ve found here, you’ll be able to read stuff I want to write about such things about my books, about myself, about things I love or loathe, about the world we live in… the choices are endless…

I will also post articles I find interesting about a variety of topics, mostly relating to writing, and the related industry I work in.

I am an independent author and as such I am finding that I can create my own platform of interesting things to write about or research etc.

If you go to my website http://www.nathaliemlromer.com you can purchase the book from two easy provided links. There are also two links to leave feedback for the book at Amazon, which I encourage readers to use too!

nat4In regards to this website I have plenty of ideas of content to put on it, so it can grow as a place of my “other writing efforts” which are not novels or other stories.

This blog is the place to write about things to do with writing… and I’ll do plenty of it…

How to get hold of information about me or get in touch with me:

My official author website is http://www.nathaliemlromer.com (updated monthly)

My contact email address is nmlromer [at] gmail [dot] com (not displayed as a link to prevent spam.

You can click the bottom right + symbol to follow my blog site (it’s active and updated daily with articles from fellow authors and other bloggers whose posts I like – follow me and I’ll follow back because I check for new followers every day).

Follow me on Twitter @nmlromer where I actively tweet with an estimate of 5,000 impressions a day (and growing).

On Facebook you can find me at http://www.facebook.com/nathaliemlromer (Like me and if you are an Author, I’ll you back if you leave a private message for me (checked every few days at the moment – I don’t generally Like pages that are not relevant).


I also have a presence on Tumblr, Ello, Goodreads, Bookbub, Wattpad, Pinterest, and a few other places. (I’ll do a proper list of my profile pages in due course, but you can search for me as Nathalie M.L. Römer (don’t forget to do the umlaut as ALT + 148 for my last name), or in most cases as nathaliemlromer or nmlromer (try both).

Any requests for friendship on Goodreads is always accepted as long as you do not try to spam like the individual I had report to the site administrators.

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ALL following titles are on release now!

The Wolf Riders of Keldarra: Book 1: The Stone of Truth (Epic Fantasy)
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You can select the Paperback on the product page.

The Wolf Riders of Keldarra: Book 2: Second Elder of Ruh’nar  (Epic Fantasy)
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You can select the Paperback on the product page.

Subject 37 (The Utopus Series) (Futuristic Thriller)
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You can select the Paperback on the product page.

See my author page at Amazon for a complete list of all current titles and titles available for preorder:

Read more information about my work at www.nathaliemlromer.com

Alliance of Independent Authors /Nathalie M.L. Römer is an author member of The Alliance of Independent Authors. 

Click here for her profile on the site, or to join it.


I am using Dragon Dictate Pro for dictating some parts of my books. If you want to purchase it, and receive a TWENTY PERCENT discount off the purchase price, use the link below to make your purchase:


I will post a review of my findings of this software in due course on this blog site…

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